I’m back!!! :D

Hi everyone 🙂

I know I wasn’t posting here for a long time… I had not so easy time in my life and it kept me very busy for so many months… So I was away from almost all of social medias because of that… But I managed to deal with everything so far and I’d love to post more stories on my blog again! I have so many ideas and I missed writing so bad! Of course I’m going to continue “My incredible adventure in the Sims 4 world” 🙂 I just love this story and I have a big sentiment for it, so I’m definitely going to continue it 🙂 Although I might change a bit the way I wrote the story. I hope you will like it as well 🙂

Anyway thank you all so much for reading and understanding and for still being here for me! You all are absolutely amazing and I’m so happy to be back!!! 😀