1.14. Full House!!!

It was unusual and weird for me to see that aunt Clara’s pregnancy went so fast. That was a month ago when she told us with uncle Bjorn about the pregnancy and now her pregnancy was already very much advanced. She didn’t feel so well during her pregnancy because of the morning sickness. Because of that aunt Clara took a family leave from work, so she could stay home. That was also what uncle Bjorn wanted her to do as well.

06-01-16_11-28-56 AM

But otherwise everything was fine and we all waited for the baby to be born. Especially Elsa…

– I’m telling you that it will be a cute little baby boy, my younger brother! – Elsa said this almost every day. She was really excited. – I can’t wait to take care of my little baby brother! I’ll go with him for a walk and teach him how to play on playground, it’s going to be so much fun!

– Sweetheart we don’t know yet if it will be a boy or a girl. Maybe you will get another sister. During my last ultrasound I told the doctor that I don’t want to know if it’s a boy or a girl. Daddy and me want to have a surprise. – Aunt Clara answered and smiled to Elsa.

– And most important is that the baby will be healthy! – Uncle Bjorn said and kissed aunt Clara’s cheek.

So we waited…

I didn’t meet Max because he wasn’t at school last week. I really wanted to talk with him about what happened lately between us, but he didn’t come to school. I began to think that he avoided meeting me on purpose. Luna told Sofia that he left home to school everyday, at least that was what he told his father, but he never went to school. Later in the afternoon he always came back home at the same time when school day was over. I guessed that his father never noticed anything weird. I decided that the next week I would go to his house and I would talk with him. I thought I should surprise him, so we could talk in peace. This whole situation began to be really uncomfortable and awkward…

Two weeks later, on Tuesday at 8 am aunt Clara called uncle Bjorn to their bedroom and said that she went into labor. We all could see that he really panicked then. But he quickly went out to prepare our car. Sofia took a bag which aunt Clara packed ready for the hospital and put it to the car. Aunt Clara told us to go to school and she would call us when the baby would be already born. But I just really wanted to see a newborn baby in this world, it would be something new and I was also curious how it was going to be to give birth in that world where everything was so different.

– Could I go with you? Please, I would like to see a newborn baby. Here everything is so different than in my world, even pregnancy is much shorter… – I decided to ask.

Aunt Clara wanted to leave very soon because she already felt the baby’s head, but she agreed. So we left. Sofia and Elsa went to school and waited for a phone call from uncle Bjorn.

We arrived to the hospital about half an hour later. Uncle Bjorn went to check in to the front desk and the nurse took already aunt Clara to the labor room. Uncle Bjorn was really stressed and he panicked a little as well. I’d never seen him like that before. He was so different than this serious uncle Bjorn I seen home everyday. That serious secret agent looked now like a stressed little boy who doesn’t know what to do. We waited outside…

06-01-16_11-29-55 AM

06-01-16_11-35-41 AM

About 15 minutes later the nurse came out.

– Congratulations!!! You have a little baby girl!!! – She said to uncle Bjorn. – Your wife named her Leena.

The nurse went back to the labor room. Uncle Bjorn was so happy. He hugged me and said that it was another wonderful day of his life. He got a new baby, he became a father again. He was so happy!!! I was really happy too. Just waited now to see my newborn new sister… Well… I was already so long with the Bjergsen’s that I really felt like their daughter as well… Of course I missed my real family and I wanted to go back to my world in the future… But in that world where I was at the moment Bjergsen Family was my family and I loved them all so much. They also always treated me like their own daughter, never made any difference between me and their daughters. Also Sofia and Elsa treated me as their own sister… They were so wonderful family and I really loved them…

My thoughts were interrupted by the nurse who came out again.

– Congratulations again!!! You have another baby girl!!! – She said again to uncle Bjorn. – Your wife named her Liisa. She told us that it’s the name she chose after your mother Mr Bjergsen.

The nurse disappeared again in the labor room. I looked at uncle Bjorn. He looked so shocked right now… He seemed to not see me at all anymore…

– I have twins! I have twins! I have twins! – Uncle Bjorn spoke the same sentence all over again and walked around. I believed he was totally shocked by this information. I was surprised and excited that moment. I wondered how it would be when we would go back home with my new twin sisters.

Five minutes later the nurse came out again.

– Congratulations!!! Your wife gave birth to a third baby girl and she named her Laura. – She said to uncle Bjorn. She noticed also how shocked uncle Bjorn was. – Maybe you should sit down Mr Bjergsen? Don’t worry, that’s the last baby. You should be proud, you have now triplets!!!

She went back to the labor room. Uncle Bjorn looked like he would lose his conscious soon, he put his hand on the wall to prevent himself to fall down. He was so deeply shocked… I was sure that he was happy… Very happy… Maybe just a little bit disappointed that he didn’t get a son… But he was happy… And stressed… And shocked… I came closer and helped him to sit down. He looked at me and said:

– I have triplets Sara!!! Three little baby girls!!! I’m so happy, but it’s so much work… How we will manage? I have six daughters now…

At the same moment the nurse came out again and said:

– Your wife and babies are already in their room Mr Bjergsen. They need to stay in the hospital for a few days, so we will be sure that everything is fine with your wife and girls. You can go with your daughter and see them now. They are in the room number 25.

We went to the room where aunt Clara was. The girls were so cute, so beautiful.

06-01-16_11-46-13 AM

I told that I will help take care of them. Uncle Bjorn kissed aunt Clara and went out of the room to call Sofia and Elsa.

Two days later aunt Clara and the triplets were already home. Uncle Bjorn prepared with his friends a beautiful room for the newborn girls. Sofia, Elsa and I decorated it and in the end it looked really cute.

06-01-16_12-47-56 PM

06-01-16_12-54-34 PM

06-01-16_12-54-57 PM

06-01-16_12-55-19 PM

06-01-16_12-56-02 PM

We all feel in love with Leena, Liisa and Laura. They were so cute… Of course it was so much work as well… So many duties… Uncle Bjorn and aunt Clara were so happy!!! After the first shock uncle Bjorn was already extremely happy!!! I just began to think if I’m not disturbing now to this family… I loved them so much, but they got triplets and they had so many duties already and it cost so much money… I thought that they had already enough work with their own daughters, so I wondered if I should go somewhere else, so they would save some money for the triplets… But where could I go???…

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