1.11. Willow Creek

The next morning we woke up later than usual and we still didn’t have go to school. The weather was so beautiful and we decided with Elsa to go for a walk after breakfast. Sofia said that she wanted to go to meet with Morgan. We went downstairs and told to grandmother Lisa about our plans.

– Oh, that’s so good that you found something to do this morning because I have to go to visit a doctor after two hours. – Grandmother Lisa said. – But after that we could go to visit a museum. We have a very beautiful museum here in Willow Creek. What do you think girls?

We really liked the idea, so we agreed with Elsa to go for a walk for a while and then we were supposed to come back and go to the museum. We sat together to eat breakfast. Grandmother Lisa prepared scrambled eggs.

03-14-16_3-24-17 PM

When our breakfast was finished, Sofia went to meet with Morgan and grandmother went to change her clothes to get ready for visiting the doctor. Elsa and I put on our shoes and went outside. We walked around a little.

03-14-16_3-37-15 PM

– Do you know the way to get some extra pocket money? – Elsa asked me.

– I guess not… – I answered and I really had no idea what she meant.

– Look at those stones here on the ground! – Elsa raised her hand and directed it on the left side. I looked where she showed me.

– I honestly don’t know how, but in those stones are hidden some nice stuff. – Elsa continued. – We just need to dig it out and then we could sell it to earn some extra money or keep it for fun. There are many collectors who are interested in buying that stuff. Let’s go and check it out! Maybe we will find something nice out there!

I agreed and we went to dig those stones. It wasn’t easy work. I had to use much of strength to dig out something. When I finally managed to get inside this stone, I found a wooden box. I called Elsa, so she could come and check what I found. She said that I should open it up, so I did. Inside was a cute and quite big figure of a boy. Elsa explained to me that it’s a figure from the game My Sims. I really liked it, this figure looked so cute, so I decided to keep it.

03-14-16_4-17-02 PM

03-14-16_4-20-42 PM

– Hey, maybe we could go fishing for a while. What do you think about that? – Elsa asked me.

– Why not? It’s a good idea!

I agreed and we went to the side of the river for fishing.

03-14-16_4-21-50 PM.png

I didn’t catch any fish this time, so I decided to sit on the grass and watch how Elsa is managing with fishing. While I was looking around, I noticed a big and beautiful tree. I went closer to see it better.

03-14-16_4-23-29 PM

Suddenly the tree somehow opened.

03-14-16_5-08-52 PM

I was scared because I had never seen something like that before. For a few minutes I couldn’t move. I really didn’t know if something or someone was there. But I was also curious. I lived in that world already enough long to be curious about every new thing that I see. Of course there could be danger, normally trees aren’t opening like that. After a while my curiosity won and I decided to look inside that tree. Carefully and slowly I looked inside. My heart began to beat faster. The trunk was a lot bigger than I thought. I had a feeling that there was something magical about that tree. Suddenly and magically I stopped feeling afraid… I didn’t know why… and how… I felt just curiosity! I went inside the trunk and noticed some light coming from other side of the trunk. I followed the light for a while. I stopped on the crossroad where on my left I noticed even more light coming inside the trunk and on my right was darkness. But I heard some noise on my right side as well. It was a beautiful and very addicting sound. I followed the sound.I arrived to some place where I noticed a mist. It was weird because only half of that place was full of mist, the other half was clean. I didn’t know why, but I still wasn’t afraid. It was unusual. I guessed that if someone would tell me about that place, I would feel scared even while just listening, but then I was in the middle of that place and didn’t feel even afraid. I really began to believe that that place was full of magic. I stepped closer and entered the mist… The next second I wasn’t anymore in Willow Creek… That moment I began to feel afraid again… But that place was so beautiful… Full of trees and small rivers… And so quiet… I could just hear birds singing on the trees and some insects flying around and a sound of floating river… This place looked amazing…

03-14-16_5-18-31 PM

03-14-16_5-18-46 PM

03-14-16_5-20-08 PM

I walked around and admired the beauty of that place. I regretted that Elsa wasn’t there with me. Then I thought that probably Elsa was looking for me, so I should find the way back to Willow Creek. I looked around and tried to find the same tree from where I came there. Suddenly I noticed a fish jumping over the river. That fish looked so scary…

03-14-16_5-10-52 PM

I really felt so much afraid again… Then I heard some whispers around in the bushes… I looked there and noticed many pairs of red eyes which observed my every move…

03-14-16_5-20-51 PM

I was scared… Immediately I rushed to find the way out… I looked for the right tree for a few minutes… These were the longest minutes of my life… Every second my fear rose… Finally I found the right tree and run!!! I ran as fast as possible to get out of there!!!

When I noticed the light before me, I began to calm down. I got out of the tree and tried to find Elsa. She was looking for me already as well…

– Where have you been? I couldn’t find you! You look scared… What happened? – She asked all of these questions so fast.

I told her about my small adventure and unfortunately she didn’t believe me…

– Hey, there isn’t something like a magical world inside the tree!!! Even in our world something like that is just impossible!

I didn’t give up and decided to show her that tree. We went there together and stood next to the tree. I looked at the tree but nothing happened!!! Elsa got impatient and said:

– You see, nothing happened… You probably fell asleep while sitting on the grass! We should go back now because grandmother and Sofia are already waiting for us.

She took my hand and we began to run back to grandmother Lisa’s house. My head was full of confusing thoughts… I was sure that I didn’t sleep… Or maybe not… But it was so real… I really felt that I was in that magical place… Did I get crazy!…

Grandmother Lisa and Sofia waited for us already outside and talked. When we came closer, grandma called a taxi, which came two minutes later. Driver was somewhere close to grandmother’s Lisa house. I tried to throw these weird thoughts out of my head and enjoy the trip to the museum. It was hard in the beginning but after a while I forgot about my crazy adventure.

After ten minutes of driving, we arrived to the Municipal Muses, a museum in Willow Creek. Grandmother was right! The museum was amazing, so many beautiful pictures, old armours, swords and other artifacts.

03-14-16_5-33-39 PM

03-14-16_5-37-08 PM

03-14-16_5-39-10 PM

I really enjoyed our trip together to the museum. It was so much fun! When we saw already the last picture in the museum, we went back to grandmother’s house. Uncle Bjorn already waited there for us. He came to take us back home. We said goodbye to grandmother and sat in uncle Bjorn’s car. I was very happy that I could meet grandmother Lisa. She was a wonderful person. It was so nice time. Elsa and Sofia talked about what we saw in the museum. Uncle Bjorn put the radio on and listened to music. I looked out of the window and remembered my weird adventure that day… Was it real or was it just something created by my imagination?…




8 thoughts on “1.11. Willow Creek

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    1. Thank you so much for a lovely comment! And yes, I know pretty much about that fishes (In real life too 🙂 I studied Environment Protection, so I learnt so much about fishes and other animals), but I thought that Sara wouldn’t know any fishes. She went fishing only once before with Bjorn and she really didn’t get so much interested in it yet… And I love Sylvan Glade so much, such a beautiful place 🙂 I will definitely read your Legacy tomorrow, I was just so busy with my kids for the last three weeks that I didn’t have much of time, but tomorrow I have free time, so I will read Your stories! And thank you so much for reading my story and your nice comments! It means so much to me and makes me so happy 🙂

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  2. Ooh – I didn’t know kids could open the tree!

    I just loved her “Alice in Wonderland-esk” moment! If you can fall through worlds – surely a magical tree land is just a step sideways!

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