1.10. Grandmother Bjergsen.

The next morning we didn’t go to school. Elsa came to wake me up early. She looked so excited:

– We are going to visit grandmother today!!! Sara, please wake up!!! We are leaving soon!!!

Before I managed to open my eyes, she was already gone. I thought that she must be very happy to go to visit grandmother. I put on my clothes quickly and went downstairs. Aunt Clara was in the kitchen preparing breakfast, Sofia finished packing her clothes to the suitcase and Elsa talked with uncle Bjorn.

– Are you girls ready and packed? – Uncle Bjorn asked.

We told that we were almost ready. We just needed to eat breakfast, so we did. After breakfast we sat in the car and uncle Bjorn picked us up to Willow Creek. We drove about 2 hours and then we stopped next to a small, beautiful house. Grandmother Lisa already waited for us outside. She was so happy to see us and she hugged us all.

02-23-16_12-59-31 AM

– I’m so happy to meet you Sara! – Grandmother said to me.

Her house wasn’t big, but looked very beautiful. Decorated with older style. Grandmother Lisa went to the kitchen to prepare lunch.

02-23-16_1-05-30 AM

Elsa, Sofia and I watched a movie “Lost Dog’s Journey Home” in the living room. It was much of fun.

02-23-16_1-06-57 AM

02-23-16_1-08-00 AM

When lunch was ready we all sat together in the dining room to eat.

02-23-16_1-11-28 AM

We talked for a moment about our trip today. Sofia and Elsa also told grandmother about what happened since they had seen each other last time. When they finished, grandmother Lisa smiled to me and said:

– I am so happy to meet you Sara. I’ve heard your story. Bjorn told me exactly what happened to you. I guess he also told you about Romuald?

– Yes, he did. – I answered. – But I didn’t know that his name was Romuald.

– I think that Bjorn didn’t remember his name. – She continued. – 50 years ago, my grandmother noticed a teenage boy  who slept on a bench in the community park. She wanted to help him because he definitely looked lost, so she asked him where he lived. He said that he doesn’t have a home, nowhere to go, and that’s why he spent last two days in that park without any food. My grandmother took him in and raised as his own son. My mother became his sister. Even I saw him, but I was then so little and I really don’t remember him anymore. Just from my mother’s stories. Few months after he began to live with my grandmother, he told her about that he came from a different world. But he didn’t tell how he came here. When my grandmother and my mother asked him about that, he looked scared and didn’t want to tell any details. So they stopped asking…

She paused for a moment. We kept quiet.

– Everything was fine until he disappeared one day. – Grandmother Lisa continued. – My grandmother and my mother were so worried. They looked for him everywhere, but couldn’t find him. Two days later my mother found a letter, which Romuald wrote before he left. I still have it here. My mother gave it to me before she died. I will show it to you.

She got up, opened a drawer and took out an envelope. Then she came to me and gave me the letter. Before I read it, grandmother Lisa said:

– We didn’t have a word from him after that. But only he knew about our world and our traditions and about us, so if now people in your world know about us, it must be somehow from him. So good to know that Romuald is fine and managed safely to go back to your world. – She smiled for a second. It looked like she smiled to herself then. – But unfortunately I really don’t know how he went back. There is nothing about that in this letter. I’m sorry that I disappointed you Sara… You probably expected something more from me… Unfortunately I can’t help you more… I’m sorry… But at least we know already that it’s possible somehow for you to go back.

– Thank you very much for everything. – I said quickly. – It was so helpful.

I opened a letter and read it:

“Dear mother,

Thank you for everything you did for me. You were always my mother and you will always be my mother in my heart. Thank you. I found a way home to my world. I’m so happy about that. I was happy with you and Mary but I need to go back. I’m sorry that I’m writing it in this letter. I just know that it would be very hard for me to tell you this straight and leave then… I’m so sorry… I hope you and Mary could forgive me. I will always remember what I’ve seen here and how nice you all were to me. I’m sure I’ll tell about you and your world to the people in my world. Thank you one more time for all the love I got from you, mother, and from Mary.

I will always remember you and Mary,


I gave this letter back to grandmother Lisa. I surely felt disappointed, but I tried not to show it to grandmother. She was so nice and really wanted to help me and I didn’t want to make her feel bad. She smiled to me and hugged me. Then she hugged Sofia and Elsa too.

– Let’s make this day fun! – She said. – I thought that we all could go to the Magnolia Blossom Park. What would you say girls?

We quickly agreed and got ready to go. We took a bus and a half an hour later we were in the park. This park was amazing, so beautiful. I made some pictures.

02-23-16_1-21-26 AM

02-23-16_1-22-14 AM

02-23-16_1-22-47 AM

Sofia met there her school friend, Morgan. She visited her aunt in Willow Creek. They sat together and talked.

02-23-16_1-26-34 AM

02-23-16_1-28-00 AM

Elsa and I met a new friend, Alexander Goth, and we all played for a while on the playground. Grandmother Lisa rested for a moment while we played.

02-23-16_1-25-36 AM

02-23-16_1-28-37 AM

02-23-16_1-29-16 AM

After one hour we went to another part of the park and sat together and talked about everything. We talked about school, Sofia told about boys from her school too, about a holiday which was going to be after two months and other things. We had so much fun and didn’t even notice that time went so fast and it was already evening.

02-23-16_1-34-03 AM

02-23-16_1-35-19 AM

02-23-16_1-35-54 AM

02-23-16_1-56-46 AM

We went home and grandmother suggested that we all could go to sauna to relax a little before sleep, so we did that. We really enjoyed our time together.

02-23-16_2-07-52 AM

Soon after that grandmother Lisa went to her bedroom and we decided to watch a movie in our bedroom. We watched “The Adventures of Spaceship Simulation”. It was a funny movie.

02-23-16_2-19-30 AM

I thought about what I heard that day and about that letter which I read. Romuald’s story was weirder than mine. Why he was so scared to tell how he came to this world? And how he managed to go back? Those questions stayed in my head. But I knew one thing, I needed to find answers for them!




6 thoughts on “1.10. Grandmother Bjergsen.

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  2. Lovely chapter!! 😀

    I’m surprised that Romuald had a similar situation as Sara’s. Hopefully one day, Sara will eventually return to her world.

    Magnolia Blossom Park is so pretty!! I always let my Sims go there and play chess, have some hot dogs and burgers, and go fishing. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I’m so happy that you like it 🙂 Yes, now Sara needs to find out how to get back, but it’s going to take some time and much of effort 🙂


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