1.3. A new classmate and a party.

That night I couldn’t fall asleep for a very long time. I was very disappointed that they didn’t find out how I could go back home. I thought about my family, my parents and my two brothers. I wondered what they were doing at that time. Probably they already called the police a long time ago and now they all looked for me everywhere… I felt really sad when I thought about it… But I also wondered if I will manage to live in this world. That actually scared me a little. Everything is new here and totally different… Finally I fell asleep…

In the morning aunt Clara came and woke me up:

– It’s time to get up, it’s your first school day.

Oh yes… I was supposed to go to school today. To the Sims school. I really didn’t know what I could expect but I cleaned up really quickly and came downstairs to eat breakfast with the rest of family. Sofia and Elsa were already there and uncle Bjorn came a few minutes later. Aunt Clara prepared french toast for breakfast. It was delicious.

– Aunt Clara and I… We were talking yesterday about this whole situation and we both think that you shouldn’t tell to anyone how you got here. – Uncle Bjorn said while cleaning his dishes after breakfast. – Your story is very weird and unusual even here. We are maybe a little more open because of my job, I’ve seen already many weird things and situations, but for the other people it’s going to be something beyond their imagination.

Ok, I understand… It’s not fun to not belong…

– We should all keep this a secret. – He continued. – Ok then… Now you all, girls, should go to school or you will be late. Mom stays home today, so she will check on our house rebuild. When you come back from school Sara, you will have your own room by then. See you later honey!

02-08-16_3-24-13 AM

Aunt Clara kissed his cheek and uncle Bjorn went to work. School bus came a few minutes later and we went to school. I wondered how they can rebuild the house in one morning? My older brother renovated his house and it took four months. How they could do it so fast?

School day was very easy, even boring. I knew all of these things already for a long time but I kept it secret like uncle Bjorn asked me to. I guess that even if I would try to tell it to someone, it would sound totally insane.

When the school was over we came back home and the house looked amazing. Couldn’t believe that they renovated it like that in one morning. Aunt Clara prepared already spaghetti for lunch. It was really good. So we all ate lunch together.

02-08-16_3-27-25 AM

– How was your first day at school Sara? – Uncle Bjorn asked me.

– It was good but lessons were a little boring for me since I already know most of it. Elsa showed me everything.

– Yeah!!! It was fun. – Elsa said.

– And how about you Sofia?- Aunt Clara asked Sofia.

– It was fun too. We had so nice time during a break with Luna. She brought a magazine and there was an interview with Justin… Oh, I love him!

Aunt Clara smiled to uncle Bjorn and asked how was his day at work.

– It was actually a very good day. I got praise from my boss for saving our mission. Of course I can’t tell you all details of the mission but they wanted to send there a very young and inexperienced new agent, so I decided to go along, just in case, and it was a good decision.

– Oh, that’s great news!!! I’m so proud of you honey. Although I’m always worried when you are going for a mission. But we have to celebrate it. Let’s make a party tomorrow!!! We could invite our friends and have some fun. They could meet Sara too.

– That’s a nice idea, let’s do it. I guess we should tell to our friends that we decided to adopt a child because we have a good enough financial situation, so that’s how Sara is with us. What do you think about it Sara?

– I think it’s a good solution. Thank you for everything!

After lunch aunt Clara began to prepare food for tomorrow’s party and we did our homework. Uncle Bjorn came to help a little with Sofia’s homework too.

02-08-16_3-31-56 AM

When homework was done, it was actually pretty late already. I felt tired and Elsa too. Sofia went to her room and practiced a little playing piano before sleeping. We still watched with Elsa some comedy in the TV and uncle Bjorn played something on the computer. I heard a familiar music, so I went to check what kind of game he was playing and I was totally shocked… He played The Sims!!! A Sim playing The Sims!!! Well… That was… an interesting experience to see it.

02-08-16_3-41-47 AM

Soon we all went to sleep.

The next day school was more interesting for me. I met a girl named Alice Metcalf. She was nice. We talked a little during a break. Elsa had to speak with a teacher then but when she came, we decided to invite Alice to the party which was planned for today’s afternoon. Elsa said that her parents surely will be fine with that, so Alice agreed to come. Elsa told me that there will be many people on the party because aunt Clara and Uncle Bjorn invited all of their club’s friends. Sofia was also supposed to invite friends from her club. Elsa also belonged to the club but she didn’t invite her friends because they are all children and the party might end late. But maybe there will come her friend Lucas because he belongs to the “Green Gnomes” club where also belongs her father and he invited everyone.

That seemed to be a lot of people. When we came back home there were already guests. Aunt Clara prepared good food. She was really a very good cook. There was a hamburger cake, some chocolate chip cookies and a blue confetti cake.

The party was crazy!!! So many people everywhere but everyone seemed to have a good time.

02-08-16_4-33-16 PM

02-08-16_4-42-27 PM

02-08-16_4-43-27 PM

02-08-16_4-44-08 PM

Aunt Clara spent also some time in the gym upstairs with her friends from the “Powerhouse” club.

02-08-16_4-15-39 PM

02-08-16_3-39-56 PM

And Sofia tried some clothes with her friends too.

02-08-16_4-01-34 PM

02-08-16_4-02-49 PM

So basically everyone did what they liked best and it was a great and fun party. I met a lot of people and aunt Clara and uncle Bjorn told everyone that they adopted me. But when I thought about it, well… it wasn’t far from the truth. I talked with Alice and then we played the “Falling Llama” game.

02-08-16_4-00-07 PM

02-08-16_4-13-26 PM

Elsa spent much of time with Lucas because he came and she told me that she really likes him. She dreamt that he could be her boyfriend in the future, so I didn’t disturb her today.

02-08-16_4-18-02 PM

But she got an idea to swim a little, so we all went to swim for a moment.

02-08-16_4-40-13 PM

When the party was over, we very quickly did our homework and aunt Clara cleaned up the house. Soon after that everyone went to sleep. I went to my room and thought about today. It was a really nice day. Maybe my life here wouldn’t be so difficult? The Bjergsen family was so wonderful. But then I looked at the portal which I kept next to my bed and I missed my family. I had still in my pocket their pictures which I hanged on the wall. Well… it wasn’t too bad here but I really hoped that after a while uncle Bjorn will make an improvement with this portal and I will go home. I felt very sleepy already and my eyes closed soon.

02-08-16_4-56-15 PM



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  1. “A Sim playing The Sims!!! Well… That was… an interesting experience to see it.” I laughed outloud reading this. Such a fun start. I look forward to seeing what other interesting experiences she runs into.

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