1.1. And that’s how this all began…

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Hello, my name is Sara Wolfe and I would like to tell You my story. The unbelievable adventure that happened to me. Well… Let’s start from beginning. I was just an ordinary 17-year old girl, who liked to meet with friends, play games, spend time with family, etc. Till my crazy adventure began…

One day, I was coming back from school, the same road as usual. I knew it so well, that’s why I didn’t pay so much attention to the views around me anymore. I was listening to music from my phone and I was feeling so happy because it was a Friday evening, so that meant a full, free weekend for having fun. But then suddenly I fell down. I looked around but there was no one. It started to get dark because it was already October. I got up and decided to check why I actually fell down. I looked to the ground and noticed some small green “thing” stuck there. I wanted to see what is it, so I started to make a hole in the ground around it. Finally I managed to take it out. It was a pretty big, green… “thing”. I always liked to play The Sims games and actually this looked like that plumbob from the game. That’s funny…

I was wondering who could lose it here, maybe there is a name or something. I looked around this “thing” but couldn’t find anything. Suddenly this “thing” started to shine with a bright, green light. Honestly, I got a little scared then, I thought that maybe I broke it but I really began to panic one moment later, when everything started to get even more crazy…

Well, I don’t know how, but I noticed that I am in a forest. It was dark around, except a light which came from the stars. I still feel very stressed when I’m writing about it. Even if it happened many years ago. Back then, I was extremely scared. And I still had in my hand that weird, green “thing”, which still shone, so it gave me some light. I began to walk around and I was really hoping to find someone who could help me. I think I walked then for many hours but can’t tell exactly how long it took. Finally I noticed some light between trees. I walked faster now. When I got there I saw a very big, beautiful and modern house. It had so many windows and almost in every room the light was on.

I came closer and looked inside by one of the windows. That room was actually dark and it was the kitchen. Couldn’t see anyone there, but because of the light which came from other rooms and from a garden, I was able to see my mirror image in this window. And I wasn’t myself anymore!!!… I was so shocked. I looked at myself and then at this mirror image again. Couldn’t believe it, but I was like a little, maybe 8-year old, girl… And yes… The picture above, is a picture of me. That was already totally crazy…

Light started to go off in some rooms. I decided to go to the front door and ask for some help. I didn’t know what happened to me and where I was. I felt so hungry and cold and exhausted. When I came next to the gate, someone came out. It was a tall and nice looking woman.

02-02-16_2-33-45 AM

– What are you doing here little angel? All alone? – She asked me. – Are you lost?

I had so many thoughts in my head and I didn’t know what to say. I knew that whatever I say, it sounds ridiculous.

– Yes, I am lost. Where am I?

– I am Clara Bjergsen and that’s our house, “The Lighthouse”. – She answered. – How did you get lost here? There’s not many houses on this island. Did you come here on a boat with your parents from Windenburg old town? I can help you to find your parents.

She was nice and she was smiling to me but I just didn’t listen to her anymore. That information which I got now, was just too much for me… Windenburg… Bjergsen… “The Lighthouse”… I was in the Sims 4 game world!!!!! I did play previous games of The Sims but I didn’t play the Sims 4. I was just reading some articles about it and that’s why I knew a little about it… But it was just the most crazy, unbelievable and shocking moment of this day…

I had to look very weird then because aunt Clara (I was calling her aunt Clara since then) came closer and asked me again:

– Where are your parents sweetheart? – She sounded worried.

What can I say? That moment, back then, was so weird, that I really didn’t care anymore about anything… I didn’t know how I got there and I didn’t know how to go back to my world, so I decided to tell her the whole story from beginning.

02-02-16_2-41-13 AM

When I finished, I looked at her face, but she didn’t seem to be shocked at all. She said:

– Well, I feel so sorry for you little angel… My husband is a secret agent and he told me once that sometimes weird situations happen. It’s, of course, very seldom, but I heard that sometimes aliens can cause those weird situations.

Aliens!!!? I thought that nothing could shock me more today, but actually I was wrong…

– But it seems that you don’t have any place to stay sweetheart… – She continued. – And I guess you must be hungry and it’s a pretty cold night, so please, come inside. I will give you something to eat and you can stay with us until we figure out how you could go back to your world. My poor angel…

She hugged me.

02-02-16_2-42-54 AM

– Please come inside. Tomorrow you will meet my husband and my daughters.

– Thank you so much, Ms. Bjergsen.

– You can call me aunt Clara, sweetheart. Here is something to eat and I will prepare for you some place to sleep. We have a travel bed, so I will prepare it for you for now and tomorrow we can find some better solution.

02-02-16_2-47-17 AM

I was very hungry and tired. Aunt Clara gave me a very good meal with fish in it. It tasted very good. While eating I looked a little around. The house was so huge and beautiful. Or maybe it just seemed to be so huge for me because I was now so little? I don’t know, but it was a very beautiful and decorated with a modern style house, which I like personally.

Aunt Clara came and said:

– I prepared for you a place for sleeping upstairs. You will sleep tonight in our study room. Please come, I will show you where it is.

I came after her upstairs. She took me to the study room. I was already extremely exhausted.

– Bathroom is downstairs and here you can sleep tonight. – Aunt Clara smiled to me.- Good night Sara!

– Good night and thank you for everything!

When she left I went shortly to bathroom and cleaned up fast. Then I came back and went to bed. My eyes closed immediately.

02-02-16_2-59-19 AM

But I still managed to catch my last thoughts before falling asleep. I was wondering what will happen now. Could I be able to go home, to my world? How can I live here? I was too tired to think longer about anything. I fell asleep. That moment I didn’t know yet how unbelievable my story will be and that my adventure was just beginning…



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