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I know I wasn’t posting here for a long time… I had not so easy time in my life and it kept me very busy for so many months… So I was away from almost all of social medias because of that… But I managed to deal with everything so far and I’d love to post more stories on my blog again! I have so many ideas and I missed writing so bad! Of course I’m going to continue “My incredible adventure in the Sims 4 world” 🙂 I just love this story and I have a big sentiment for it, so I’m definitely going to continue it 🙂 Although I might change a bit the way I wrote the story. I hope you will like it as well 🙂

Anyway thank you all so much for reading and understanding and for still being here for me! You all are absolutely amazing and I’m so happy to be back!!! 😀



1.14. Full House!!!

It was unusual and weird for me to see that aunt Clara’s pregnancy went so fast. That was a month ago when she told us with uncle Bjorn about the pregnancy and now her pregnancy was already very much advanced. She didn’t feel so well during her pregnancy because of the morning sickness. Because of that aunt Clara took a family leave from work, so she could stay home. That was also what uncle Bjorn wanted her to do as well.

06-01-16_11-28-56 AM

But otherwise everything was fine and we all waited for the baby to be born. Especially Elsa…

– I’m telling you that it will be a cute little baby boy, my younger brother! – Elsa said this almost every day. She was really excited. – I can’t wait to take care of my little baby brother! I’ll go with him for a walk and teach him how to play on playground, it’s going to be so much fun!

– Sweetheart we don’t know yet if it will be a boy or a girl. Maybe you will get another sister. During my last ultrasound I told the doctor that I don’t want to know if it’s a boy or a girl. Daddy and me want to have a surprise. – Aunt Clara answered and smiled to Elsa.

– And most important is that the baby will be healthy! – Uncle Bjorn said and kissed aunt Clara’s cheek.

So we waited…

I didn’t meet Max because he wasn’t at school last week. I really wanted to talk with him about what happened lately between us, but he didn’t come to school. I began to think that he avoided meeting me on purpose. Luna told Sofia that he left home to school everyday, at least that was what he told his father, but he never went to school. Later in the afternoon he always came back home at the same time when school day was over. I guessed that his father never noticed anything weird. I decided that the next week I would go to his house and I would talk with him. I thought I should surprise him, so we could talk in peace. This whole situation began to be really uncomfortable and awkward…

Two weeks later, on Tuesday at 8 am aunt Clara called uncle Bjorn to their bedroom and said that she went into labor. We all could see that he really panicked then. But he quickly went out to prepare our car. Sofia took a bag which aunt Clara packed ready for the hospital and put it to the car. Aunt Clara told us to go to school and she would call us when the baby would be already born. But I just really wanted to see a newborn baby in this world, it would be something new and I was also curious how it was going to be to give birth in that world where everything was so different.

– Could I go with you? Please, I would like to see a newborn baby. Here everything is so different than in my world, even pregnancy is much shorter… – I decided to ask.

Aunt Clara wanted to leave very soon because she already felt the baby’s head, but she agreed. So we left. Sofia and Elsa went to school and waited for a phone call from uncle Bjorn.

We arrived to the hospital about half an hour later. Uncle Bjorn went to check in to the front desk and the nurse took already aunt Clara to the labor room. Uncle Bjorn was really stressed and he panicked a little as well. I’d never seen him like that before. He was so different than this serious uncle Bjorn I seen home everyday. That serious secret agent looked now like a stressed little boy who doesn’t know what to do. We waited outside…

06-01-16_11-29-55 AM

06-01-16_11-35-41 AM

About 15 minutes later the nurse came out.

– Congratulations!!! You have a little baby girl!!! – She said to uncle Bjorn. – Your wife named her Leena.

The nurse went back to the labor room. Uncle Bjorn was so happy. He hugged me and said that it was another wonderful day of his life. He got a new baby, he became a father again. He was so happy!!! I was really happy too. Just waited now to see my newborn new sister… Well… I was already so long with the Bjergsen’s that I really felt like their daughter as well… Of course I missed my real family and I wanted to go back to my world in the future… But in that world where I was at the moment Bjergsen Family was my family and I loved them all so much. They also always treated me like their own daughter, never made any difference between me and their daughters. Also Sofia and Elsa treated me as their own sister… They were so wonderful family and I really loved them…

My thoughts were interrupted by the nurse who came out again.

– Congratulations again!!! You have another baby girl!!! – She said again to uncle Bjorn. – Your wife named her Liisa. She told us that it’s the name she chose after your mother Mr Bjergsen.

The nurse disappeared again in the labor room. I looked at uncle Bjorn. He looked so shocked right now… He seemed to not see me at all anymore…

– I have twins! I have twins! I have twins! – Uncle Bjorn spoke the same sentence all over again and walked around. I believed he was totally shocked by this information. I was surprised and excited that moment. I wondered how it would be when we would go back home with my new twin sisters.

Five minutes later the nurse came out again.

– Congratulations!!! Your wife gave birth to a third baby girl and she named her Laura. – She said to uncle Bjorn. She noticed also how shocked uncle Bjorn was. – Maybe you should sit down Mr Bjergsen? Don’t worry, that’s the last baby. You should be proud, you have now triplets!!!

She went back to the labor room. Uncle Bjorn looked like he would lose his conscious soon, he put his hand on the wall to prevent himself to fall down. He was so deeply shocked… I was sure that he was happy… Very happy… Maybe just a little bit disappointed that he didn’t get a son… But he was happy… And stressed… And shocked… I came closer and helped him to sit down. He looked at me and said:

– I have triplets Sara!!! Three little baby girls!!! I’m so happy, but it’s so much work… How we will manage? I have six daughters now…

At the same moment the nurse came out again and said:

– Your wife and babies are already in their room Mr Bjergsen. They need to stay in the hospital for a few days, so we will be sure that everything is fine with your wife and girls. You can go with your daughter and see them now. They are in the room number 25.

We went to the room where aunt Clara was. The girls were so cute, so beautiful.

06-01-16_11-46-13 AM

I told that I will help take care of them. Uncle Bjorn kissed aunt Clara and went out of the room to call Sofia and Elsa.

Two days later aunt Clara and the triplets were already home. Uncle Bjorn prepared with his friends a beautiful room for the newborn girls. Sofia, Elsa and I decorated it and in the end it looked really cute.

06-01-16_12-47-56 PM

06-01-16_12-54-34 PM

06-01-16_12-54-57 PM

06-01-16_12-55-19 PM

06-01-16_12-56-02 PM

We all feel in love with Leena, Liisa and Laura. They were so cute… Of course it was so much work as well… So many duties… Uncle Bjorn and aunt Clara were so happy!!! After the first shock uncle Bjorn was already extremely happy!!! I just began to think if I’m not disturbing now to this family… I loved them so much, but they got triplets and they had so many duties already and it cost so much money… I thought that they had already enough work with their own daughters, so I wondered if I should go somewhere else, so they would save some money for the triplets… But where could I go???…

06-01-16_12-51-43 PM

1.13. Leisure day!

The next Sunday aunt Clara woke up first and decided to prepare a hamburger cake for breakfast.

05-14-16_9-37-36 PM

It was unusual, but she said later that she just felt that kind of need and she really wanted to eat a hamburger cake. So we all sat together in the dining room and ate breakfast. I had to admit that this hamburger cake tasted delicious. Aunt Clara was a very good cook and everything what she prepared just tasted amazing.

05-14-16_9-42-36 PM

– What do you girls think if we would just spend a nice, relaxing family Sunday out? – Uncle Bjorn asked. – Mom could take a free day at work, so we could all enjoy a free Sunday.

He said to aunt Clara:

– Clara, you need to slow down a little bit now and you can’t work so hard anymore! Remember about our baby.

– Of course I remember about our baby. I know that I shouldn’t work so hard and stress anymore, but it’s just so difficult while working in the restaurant. But I really like your idea Bjorn and we definitely should do it! – Aunt Clara answered. – What do you think, girls?

– That is a cool idea, but where we would go? – Sofia asked.

– Let’s go to the swimming hall! – Elsa suggested.

– I think that a swimming hall is a really good idea. Let’s do it! – Aunt Clara agreed. – After that we could go to a cafe and maybe later we could go visit our friends.

– Hugo invited us already a long time ago. I think we should visit him and his kids. – Uncle Bjorn suggested.

– Oh yes , please! – Sofia said with excitement. – We have so many things to talk about with Luna.

– So everything is settled. Let’s clean the table and get ready to go. – Aunt Clara concluded.

We wanted to help because aunt Clara should be careful with her pregnancy. Sofia cleaned the dishes while Elsa and I put away the rest of hamburger cake to the fridge. Aunt Clara and uncle Bjorn enjoyed a moment together…

05-17-16_6-14-49 PM

05-17-16_6-15-01 PM

05-17-16_6-15-11 PM

As soon as everything was ready we sat inside our car and drove to the swimming hall. Driving took about half an hour. It was a first time for me to see a swimming hall in Windenburg. I was totally amazed. There was a huge swimming pool, but the view around  this building was just adorable!!! So beautiful!!! We waited outside and uncle Bjorn went inside to buy tickets. Entrance ticket to the swimming hall cost 2 simoleans per person.

05-17-16_6-23-05 PM

05-17-16_6-23-26 PM

05-17-16_6-23-56 PM

We had so much fun there. I swam so much that I felt really tired after I went out of the swimming pool. Aunt Clara swam a little, but she didn’t force herself to swim long because of the baby. She sat later with Sofia and watched Elsa and me when we jumped into the water. We all enjoyed this wonderful time at the swimming hall. It was so much fun!!!!

05-17-16_6-29-32 PM

05-17-16_6-29-50 PM

05-17-16_6-30-33 PM

05-17-16_6-32-24 PM

05-20-16_5-31-03 PM

05-20-16_5-18-15 PM

05-20-16_5-37-48 PM

05-17-16_6-28-44 PM

When we were already very exhausted after so much swimming, we went to the changing rooms and put on our regular clothes. Of course uncle Bjorn went to a different changing room… Aunt Clara, Elsa and I were ready pretty fast, but Sofia needed more time… Ok… Much more time… She needed to put on new make-up because she said that she would never go out without make-up, so we had to wait. Honestly I really wanted to put on make-up myself too, but uncle Bjorn and aunt Clara didn’t allow me to do it. They explained that it would look very weird and unnatural when a small child will walk outside with a make-up on. But I was allowed to put some make-up on when I was home. I could do it if I would like to, but I didn’t feel the need anymore, I guess I began to get used to my child’s looks.

When Sofia was done, we drove to the cafe. It was like 10 minutes away from the swimming hall. Aunt Clara and uncle Bjorn drank some coffee and Sofia bought for herself something to eat. Elsa and I met our club friends because the cafe where we went was actually the same cafe where our Avant Garde club met too…

05-20-16_5-46-55 PM

05-20-16_5-47-18 PM

05-20-16_5-52-53 PM

05-20-16_5-53-57 PM

In the afternoon we went to visit our neighbors: Mr Hugo Villareal and his children. At the same time in the Villareal house met the Upper Crusts and the Good Timers clubs. Everyone had a great time!!!

05-20-16_6-12-03 PM

05-20-16_6-09-17 PM

05-20-16_6-05-45 PM

Elsa and I met Max… It was a little uncomfortable situation… I really wanted to talk with him, but I really preferred to talk somewhere else instead of a house full of people. We decided to watch a movie. Max put a DVD inside a DVD player and we began to watch “SuperKids: Cortex Catastrophe Together”. It was a very funny movie, but the whole situation was extremely uncomfortable. No one said anything except agreeing for the movie… Max seemed to not see me or Elsa at all. Just looked at the screen the whole time…

05-20-16_6-12-39 PM

05-20-16_6-12-52 PM

But later Elsa told me that she noticed Max looking at me often when I didn’t see it… Uncle Bjorn came and said that we needed to leave soon because it was already late… I just didn’t want to leave like that… So finally, I decided to ask:

– Max, are you going to school tomorrow?

– Yes, I’m going… Dad would not let me stay home anymore…

– Maybe we could eat a lunch together during a long break?

– Yeah, sure! – He answered with excitement.

Later when we drove home, I thought again about this whole situation. What if I gave him some hope by this invitation?

Spirit Animal Blog Award

Animal spirit award


Hello everyone!!!

I just was nominated by the wonderful Spottydog714 and the awesome Simslover163 to the Spirit Animal Blog Award! You should check out their blogs too, because they are really amazing and talented writers 🙂 I would also like to thank you both so much for this nomination!

So now, I would like to fill the rules of those nomination 🙂

Here are the rules:

1. Post the award picture on your blog.
2. Write a short paragraph about yourself and what your blog means to you.
3. If you could be any animal, what would you be?
4. Pick ten nominees

  1. First is done above 🙂
  2. I’m Daalia and I’m a huge fan of The Sims games. I’m a wife and mother and I live in Finland, but originally I come from Poland. I have a wonderful dog and her name is Lilli. She is my best friend, but sometimes she is so stubborn that it drives me a little crazy 🙂                                                                                                                                                          HPIM3109                                                                                                                                       I’m also a writer and I have my YouTube channel, so I decided to put it all together and write a story, which happens in The Sims world. I also post here my YouTube videos. I’m so much connected with my characters and I feel that I’m actually there, living with them in their world. I always have this feeling, every time when I write, I feel that I’m not anymore in my living room next to my computer, but I’m there, living and experiencing wonderful adventures. When I graduated my primary school and later my high school, my teachers wrote in their opinions that I have so huge imagination and it might be advantage in the future. So that’s what this blog means to me. It’s the place that I can release my imagination and creativity. It means so much to me. But it’s also the place that I can meet so wonderful people, my readers, who are so amazing. I am here a part of the wonderful community and I just love to be here. Thank you all so much for being here!!! You all are really awesome!!!
  3. If I could be any animal then I’m sure I will choose a dog. I love dogs and I had dogs home since I was born. Many times I imagined as a child that I’m a dog and I loved it. Dogs are so loyal and they are really my best friends. I always can see their love in their eyes. And I’m always trying to behave like that with my friends (I mean here my human friends 🙂 ), so I guess I’m already in some part like a dog 🙂
  4. I nominate: Simslover163, Spottydog714, CathyTea, Citizenerased14, Rorygilmore34, Virtualee, Julyvee94, KitDragonFlight, BBQ PenguinWings, makplays                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Thank you all so much for being here and for reading my blog!!! 😀


1.12.Oh baby!!!

The next day we went normally to school again. I wondered the whole time, while we walked to school, about what I should tell to Max. I remembered that day, before we went to visit grandmother Lisa, when Elsa came to me and said that Max likes me more than other girls at school. He simply wanted to go for a date with me… It was actually cute, but I was much older than he was in reality. Besides he wasn’t even my type of boyfriend. I liked him as a friend, but nothing more. He used to do sometimes some evil things to people which I didn’t like…

When we arrived to school I felt relief because Max didn’t come to school that day. Morgan told to Sofia that he was sick and his father decided to keep him home. Time at school went so fast. We had a test on the Math lesson and I managed very well. I guessed it was because I knew most of these things already. Anyway it was a very nice day. I talked with Elsa about the test during the break and she said that she managed pretty good as well.

After school we went back home with Sofia and Morgan. She was our neighbour and Sofia’s new friend. We all talked much and had so much fun especially because it was Friday, so we had a whole free weekend!!!

Elsa and I decided to work a little with our applications to improve our skills. I played a violin to collect some points. I got information from my application that I should play an instrument for 5 hours. So I did it with short breaks between.

03-15-16_1-15-26 AM

Elsa went to the study room and practiced playing chess. Uncle Bjorn came to join her too.

03-15-16_1-15-48 AM

03-15-16_1-18-03 AM

Meanwhile Sofia played guitar in her room. Sofia was supposed to play guitar for one hour while feeling inspired. She used an “inspired chicken hat” for some help. Sofia also wrote a song on her own. She called us to the dining room and played it for us. I was really amazed… The song was great!!! We thought with Elsa that Sofia could be famous in the future, she was very talented.

03-15-16_1-16-12 AM.png

Aunt Clara prepared lunch, so we all sat together in the dining room. The food was delicious… Aunt Clara made gumbo for lunch and it tasted so good.

03-15-16_1-25-46 AM.png

– We would like to tell you something girls. – Uncle Bjorn said while we ate.

– We have some news my angels. – Aunt Clara said. – I went yesterday to visit a doctor and he confirmed that I’m expecting baby… You will have a little brother or sister… Dad and I are so happy and we hope you will be as happy as we are…

I felt so happy for them. They were always so good to me and helped me so much and they really deserved all happiness.

– Congratulations!!! I’m so happy!!! I will help with the baby!!! – I said with excitement.

– That’s wonderful!!! – Elsa said. – It would be cool if we could have a little brother now.

– The most important is that the baby will be healthy. – Uncle Bjorn replied.

– Congratulations!!! I will help with my little brother or sister too. That’s great news!!! – Sofia quickly said too.

– I think we should celebrate it. – Aunt Clara suggested. Uncle Bjorn smiled and kissed her. – Let’s spend a nice, family day together.

Aunt Clara called to her boss and took a day off from work. We all went to swim in our pool and it was so much fun.

03-15-16_1-41-57 AM.png

In the evening uncle Bjorn warmed up a sauna and we all went there to relax.

03-15-16_1-48-57 AM.png

Later we decided to go to the garden and ate grilled hot dogs which uncle Bjorn prepared. It was so good.

03-15-16_1-55-12 AM

After a dinner we all went to the hot tub to relax a little before sleeping.

03-15-16_2-01-27 AM

Soon after that we all went to sleep… I felt so happy and so relaxed… It was a wonderful day… Great news and so awesome family time… I really felt SO HAPPY!!!

1.11. Willow Creek

The next morning we woke up later than usual and we still didn’t have go to school. The weather was so beautiful and we decided with Elsa to go for a walk after breakfast. Sofia said that she wanted to go to meet with Morgan. We went downstairs and told to grandmother Lisa about our plans.

– Oh, that’s so good that you found something to do this morning because I have to go to visit a doctor after two hours. – Grandmother Lisa said. – But after that we could go to visit a museum. We have a very beautiful museum here in Willow Creek. What do you think girls?

We really liked the idea, so we agreed with Elsa to go for a walk for a while and then we were supposed to come back and go to the museum. We sat together to eat breakfast. Grandmother Lisa prepared scrambled eggs.

03-14-16_3-24-17 PM

When our breakfast was finished, Sofia went to meet with Morgan and grandmother went to change her clothes to get ready for visiting the doctor. Elsa and I put on our shoes and went outside. We walked around a little.

03-14-16_3-37-15 PM

– Do you know the way to get some extra pocket money? – Elsa asked me.

– I guess not… – I answered and I really had no idea what she meant.

– Look at those stones here on the ground! – Elsa raised her hand and directed it on the left side. I looked where she showed me.

– I honestly don’t know how, but in those stones are hidden some nice stuff. – Elsa continued. – We just need to dig it out and then we could sell it to earn some extra money or keep it for fun. There are many collectors who are interested in buying that stuff. Let’s go and check it out! Maybe we will find something nice out there!

I agreed and we went to dig those stones. It wasn’t easy work. I had to use much of strength to dig out something. When I finally managed to get inside this stone, I found a wooden box. I called Elsa, so she could come and check what I found. She said that I should open it up, so I did. Inside was a cute and quite big figure of a boy. Elsa explained to me that it’s a figure from the game My Sims. I really liked it, this figure looked so cute, so I decided to keep it.

03-14-16_4-17-02 PM

03-14-16_4-20-42 PM

– Hey, maybe we could go fishing for a while. What do you think about that? – Elsa asked me.

– Why not? It’s a good idea!

I agreed and we went to the side of the river for fishing.

03-14-16_4-21-50 PM.png

I didn’t catch any fish this time, so I decided to sit on the grass and watch how Elsa is managing with fishing. While I was looking around, I noticed a big and beautiful tree. I went closer to see it better.

03-14-16_4-23-29 PM

Suddenly the tree somehow opened.

03-14-16_5-08-52 PM

I was scared because I had never seen something like that before. For a few minutes I couldn’t move. I really didn’t know if something or someone was there. But I was also curious. I lived in that world already enough long to be curious about every new thing that I see. Of course there could be danger, normally trees aren’t opening like that. After a while my curiosity won and I decided to look inside that tree. Carefully and slowly I looked inside. My heart began to beat faster. The trunk was a lot bigger than I thought. I had a feeling that there was something magical about that tree. Suddenly and magically I stopped feeling afraid… I didn’t know why… and how… I felt just curiosity! I went inside the trunk and noticed some light coming from other side of the trunk. I followed the light for a while. I stopped on the crossroad where on my left I noticed even more light coming inside the trunk and on my right was darkness. But I heard some noise on my right side as well. It was a beautiful and very addicting sound. I followed the sound.I arrived to some place where I noticed a mist. It was weird because only half of that place was full of mist, the other half was clean. I didn’t know why, but I still wasn’t afraid. It was unusual. I guessed that if someone would tell me about that place, I would feel scared even while just listening, but then I was in the middle of that place and didn’t feel even afraid. I really began to believe that that place was full of magic. I stepped closer and entered the mist… The next second I wasn’t anymore in Willow Creek… That moment I began to feel afraid again… But that place was so beautiful… Full of trees and small rivers… And so quiet… I could just hear birds singing on the trees and some insects flying around and a sound of floating river… This place looked amazing…

03-14-16_5-18-31 PM

03-14-16_5-18-46 PM

03-14-16_5-20-08 PM

I walked around and admired the beauty of that place. I regretted that Elsa wasn’t there with me. Then I thought that probably Elsa was looking for me, so I should find the way back to Willow Creek. I looked around and tried to find the same tree from where I came there. Suddenly I noticed a fish jumping over the river. That fish looked so scary…

03-14-16_5-10-52 PM

I really felt so much afraid again… Then I heard some whispers around in the bushes… I looked there and noticed many pairs of red eyes which observed my every move…

03-14-16_5-20-51 PM

I was scared… Immediately I rushed to find the way out… I looked for the right tree for a few minutes… These were the longest minutes of my life… Every second my fear rose… Finally I found the right tree and run!!! I ran as fast as possible to get out of there!!!

When I noticed the light before me, I began to calm down. I got out of the tree and tried to find Elsa. She was looking for me already as well…

– Where have you been? I couldn’t find you! You look scared… What happened? – She asked all of these questions so fast.

I told her about my small adventure and unfortunately she didn’t believe me…

– Hey, there isn’t something like a magical world inside the tree!!! Even in our world something like that is just impossible!

I didn’t give up and decided to show her that tree. We went there together and stood next to the tree. I looked at the tree but nothing happened!!! Elsa got impatient and said:

– You see, nothing happened… You probably fell asleep while sitting on the grass! We should go back now because grandmother and Sofia are already waiting for us.

She took my hand and we began to run back to grandmother Lisa’s house. My head was full of confusing thoughts… I was sure that I didn’t sleep… Or maybe not… But it was so real… I really felt that I was in that magical place… Did I get crazy!…

Grandmother Lisa and Sofia waited for us already outside and talked. When we came closer, grandma called a taxi, which came two minutes later. Driver was somewhere close to grandmother’s Lisa house. I tried to throw these weird thoughts out of my head and enjoy the trip to the museum. It was hard in the beginning but after a while I forgot about my crazy adventure.

After ten minutes of driving, we arrived to the Municipal Muses, a museum in Willow Creek. Grandmother was right! The museum was amazing, so many beautiful pictures, old armours, swords and other artifacts.

03-14-16_5-33-39 PM

03-14-16_5-37-08 PM

03-14-16_5-39-10 PM

I really enjoyed our trip together to the museum. It was so much fun! When we saw already the last picture in the museum, we went back to grandmother’s house. Uncle Bjorn already waited there for us. He came to take us back home. We said goodbye to grandmother and sat in uncle Bjorn’s car. I was very happy that I could meet grandmother Lisa. She was a wonderful person. It was so nice time. Elsa and Sofia talked about what we saw in the museum. Uncle Bjorn put the radio on and listened to music. I looked out of the window and remembered my weird adventure that day… Was it real or was it just something created by my imagination?…



1.10. Grandmother Bjergsen.

The next morning we didn’t go to school. Elsa came to wake me up early. She looked so excited:

– We are going to visit grandmother today!!! Sara, please wake up!!! We are leaving soon!!!

Before I managed to open my eyes, she was already gone. I thought that she must be very happy to go to visit grandmother. I put on my clothes quickly and went downstairs. Aunt Clara was in the kitchen preparing breakfast, Sofia finished packing her clothes to the suitcase and Elsa talked with uncle Bjorn.

– Are you girls ready and packed? – Uncle Bjorn asked.

We told that we were almost ready. We just needed to eat breakfast, so we did. After breakfast we sat in the car and uncle Bjorn picked us up to Willow Creek. We drove about 2 hours and then we stopped next to a small, beautiful house. Grandmother Lisa already waited for us outside. She was so happy to see us and she hugged us all.

02-23-16_12-59-31 AM

– I’m so happy to meet you Sara! – Grandmother said to me.

Her house wasn’t big, but looked very beautiful. Decorated with older style. Grandmother Lisa went to the kitchen to prepare lunch.

02-23-16_1-05-30 AM

Elsa, Sofia and I watched a movie “Lost Dog’s Journey Home” in the living room. It was much of fun.

02-23-16_1-06-57 AM

02-23-16_1-08-00 AM

When lunch was ready we all sat together in the dining room to eat.

02-23-16_1-11-28 AM

We talked for a moment about our trip today. Sofia and Elsa also told grandmother about what happened since they had seen each other last time. When they finished, grandmother Lisa smiled to me and said:

– I am so happy to meet you Sara. I’ve heard your story. Bjorn told me exactly what happened to you. I guess he also told you about Romuald?

– Yes, he did. – I answered. – But I didn’t know that his name was Romuald.

– I think that Bjorn didn’t remember his name. – She continued. – 50 years ago, my grandmother noticed a teenage boy  who slept on a bench in the community park. She wanted to help him because he definitely looked lost, so she asked him where he lived. He said that he doesn’t have a home, nowhere to go, and that’s why he spent last two days in that park without any food. My grandmother took him in and raised as his own son. My mother became his sister. Even I saw him, but I was then so little and I really don’t remember him anymore. Just from my mother’s stories. Few months after he began to live with my grandmother, he told her about that he came from a different world. But he didn’t tell how he came here. When my grandmother and my mother asked him about that, he looked scared and didn’t want to tell any details. So they stopped asking…

She paused for a moment. We kept quiet.

– Everything was fine until he disappeared one day. – Grandmother Lisa continued. – My grandmother and my mother were so worried. They looked for him everywhere, but couldn’t find him. Two days later my mother found a letter, which Romuald wrote before he left. I still have it here. My mother gave it to me before she died. I will show it to you.

She got up, opened a drawer and took out an envelope. Then she came to me and gave me the letter. Before I read it, grandmother Lisa said:

– We didn’t have a word from him after that. But only he knew about our world and our traditions and about us, so if now people in your world know about us, it must be somehow from him. So good to know that Romuald is fine and managed safely to go back to your world. – She smiled for a second. It looked like she smiled to herself then. – But unfortunately I really don’t know how he went back. There is nothing about that in this letter. I’m sorry that I disappointed you Sara… You probably expected something more from me… Unfortunately I can’t help you more… I’m sorry… But at least we know already that it’s possible somehow for you to go back.

– Thank you very much for everything. – I said quickly. – It was so helpful.

I opened a letter and read it:

“Dear mother,

Thank you for everything you did for me. You were always my mother and you will always be my mother in my heart. Thank you. I found a way home to my world. I’m so happy about that. I was happy with you and Mary but I need to go back. I’m sorry that I’m writing it in this letter. I just know that it would be very hard for me to tell you this straight and leave then… I’m so sorry… I hope you and Mary could forgive me. I will always remember what I’ve seen here and how nice you all were to me. I’m sure I’ll tell about you and your world to the people in my world. Thank you one more time for all the love I got from you, mother, and from Mary.

I will always remember you and Mary,


I gave this letter back to grandmother Lisa. I surely felt disappointed, but I tried not to show it to grandmother. She was so nice and really wanted to help me and I didn’t want to make her feel bad. She smiled to me and hugged me. Then she hugged Sofia and Elsa too.

– Let’s make this day fun! – She said. – I thought that we all could go to the Magnolia Blossom Park. What would you say girls?

We quickly agreed and got ready to go. We took a bus and a half an hour later we were in the park. This park was amazing, so beautiful. I made some pictures.

02-23-16_1-21-26 AM

02-23-16_1-22-14 AM

02-23-16_1-22-47 AM

Sofia met there her school friend, Morgan. She visited her aunt in Willow Creek. They sat together and talked.

02-23-16_1-26-34 AM

02-23-16_1-28-00 AM

Elsa and I met a new friend, Alexander Goth, and we all played for a while on the playground. Grandmother Lisa rested for a moment while we played.

02-23-16_1-25-36 AM

02-23-16_1-28-37 AM

02-23-16_1-29-16 AM

After one hour we went to another part of the park and sat together and talked about everything. We talked about school, Sofia told about boys from her school too, about a holiday which was going to be after two months and other things. We had so much fun and didn’t even notice that time went so fast and it was already evening.

02-23-16_1-34-03 AM

02-23-16_1-35-19 AM

02-23-16_1-35-54 AM

02-23-16_1-56-46 AM

We went home and grandmother suggested that we all could go to sauna to relax a little before sleep, so we did that. We really enjoyed our time together.

02-23-16_2-07-52 AM

Soon after that grandmother Lisa went to her bedroom and we decided to watch a movie in our bedroom. We watched “The Adventures of Spaceship Simulation”. It was a funny movie.

02-23-16_2-19-30 AM

I thought about what I heard that day and about that letter which I read. Romuald’s story was weirder than mine. Why he was so scared to tell how he came to this world? And how he managed to go back? Those questions stayed in my head. But I knew one thing, I needed to find answers for them!



1.9. Is it a game?

For a pretty long time there was quiet. I wondered what uncle Bjorn’s words meant. Uncle Bjorn smiled to me and then said to aunt Clara:

– Honey, please call to school and explain that girls will come today for the third lesson. We need to discuss here to solve the problem.

Aunt Clara took her phone and called to school. Sofia and Elsa ate breakfast quietly, but I was too scared and too stressed and too depressed to eat anything. I just wanted to know if someone could take control over me… If someone observed me all of this time… I quickly shook my head trying to throw away those scary thoughts from my mind…

– I need to call my boss as well! – Uncle Bjorn said and went to Sofia’s room to make a call.

Meanwhile aunt Clara came back and told us that she talked with principals in our schools and we can come later today. She also noticed my confusion and small tears on my cheeks, which I just couldn’t stop, and came closer to hug me. I thought that whatever is about to happen, I was lucky that I found the Bjergsen’s house when I came here. They were my family then!

Uncle Bjorn came back with a serious look on his face. He told us that maybe it will be more comfortable when we will sit in the living room, so we did that.

02-22-16_3-39-27 PM

Uncle Bjorn began:

– Before I begin, I would like to tell you Sara that you really don’t need to feel stressed or scared now. I will tell you all I know… Everything what my mother told me…

He paused for a moment. I didn’t know how, but his words helped me to calm down a little. I guessed that was what I needed… Some assurance that all will be fine…

– It’s not the first time that someone from your world came to our world… even better… to my family…

I noticed that I wasn’t the only one shocked at this moment because Elsa and Sofia looked as much surprised as I was. Just aunt Clara wasn’t shocked, probably she knew all of that before.

– My mother told me once that when my grandmother was a little girl, our family also hosted a person from other world… From your world… – Uncle Bjorn continued slowly. – My great-grandmother met once a teenage boy, who was as much lost as you were Sara when you came to our world. She took him in and raised him as his own son. He lived here for 10 years and learned everything about our world. After that he disappeared… After this, what you just told us, about your stress if you are in some game, I know that he managed to go home. To his… To your world. When he disappeared, my grandmother found a letter from him. He wrote it before leaving our world. He wrote that he found a way home and that he thanked my great-grandmother for everything what she did for him and that he was sorry to leave like that, without saying goodbye, but he thought it would be too difficult to leave then. He also wrote that he noticed so many interesting things in our world and he wanted to use it to tell about our world to other people, but not straight. Anyway I don’t think that anyone would believe him that he spent last 10 years in different world. Well… I see now that maybe he invented a game or maybe he just told about his adventure to someone and then someone used this idea to create a game? Who knows? But most important here is that he managed to go home!

I was so shocked… Maybe as much as in the moment when I came to this world… That sounded so incredible and impossible… But still… Was there lately anything possible happening to me?…

– So, as you can see now Sara, you don’t have to be worried that you are in the game and that someone observes you here because you aren’t a game character! This game, which you told about, is based somehow on our world. But unfortunately I have no idea how this boy managed to go back to your world… We tried to find it out in our Agency over decades now, but we still can’t figure it out… I hope we will manage some day, so we could help you Sara too… But now girls, it’s time for you all to go to school and I need to go to work.

He got up and went to the kitchen where aunt Clara began to prepare some food for the evening.

02-22-16_12-02-01 PM

He kissed her and went to work. Sofia, Elsa and I also went to school. We all were shocked about that what we just heard, so we all walked quietly trying to put everything in order in our minds. I was relieved that I wasn’t in game and I also was very happy that there is a way out to my world. I told myself that I will find it and I will also go back to my world.

When lessons were over, Elsa got a call from aunt Clara that we don’t need to wait for Sofia because she is already home. She got sick. When we came back home, Sofia really looked sick…

02-22-16_2-59-06 PM

02-22-16_3-01-35 PM

Aunt Clara began to write a book: “Easy way to cook – children’s cooking book”. She told Sofia to go to her room and stay in bed to feel better. It worked because later that day Sofia felt already much better.

02-22-16_3-23-44 PM

Uncle Bjorn came home that day much later than usual. We all were ready to sleep already when he was back home, but we waited for him with dinner, so we all could eat together. We sat in the living room, watched some TV and ate dinner.

02-22-16_12-17-08 PM

– I have a surprise for you girls. – Uncle Bjorn said to us. – I talked with my mother and you all could go visit her tomorrow morning in Willow Creek and stay there for two days. My mother also will be very happy to meet you Sara and maybe she could tell you something more about that boy, who came here from your world. She still has his letter, which she got from her mother. I will pick up you girls to Willow Creek tomorrow morning and I will come back for you the next day in the evening, so you could spend two days with grandmother.

Sofia and Elsa looked so happy. Elsa told me that her grandmother is a wonderful person. They both went immediately to their rooms to pack some stuff for the trip. I was excited… It would be great to meet grandmother Bjergsen and maybe I could get some more information from her as well.



My incredible adventure in the Sims 4 world – menu

Chapter 1. Childhood (My incredible adventure in the Sims 4 world)

1.1. And that’s how this all began…

1.2. New family

1.3. A new classmate and a party.

1.4. Aspiration rewards, clubs and Windenburg.

1.5. A new club and more trouble…

1.6. Sofia’s party.

1.7. Just some fun with family and friends.

1.8. Who is the player?

1.9. Is it a game?

1.10. Grandmother Bjergsen.

1.11. Willow Creek

1.12.Oh baby!!!

1.13. Leisure day!

1.14. Full House!!!